Hear About Our Mission

Ben Bevis, MA, LMFT, CLC
In my three decades of working with youth and families as a licensed therapist, youth worker, and father, I have learned that teens desire to be surrounded by people who love through understanding and walking alongside of them.
I started Encircled because there’s a hole in youth ministry. When youth graduate from high school and their youth group or youth leader is no longer around to encourage them, youth often struggle. Living out personal giftedness all too often becomes blurred.
Encircled maps out how to be actively surrounded by a trusted few, so faith and giftedness can be sustained. After all, Jesus didn’t walk alone. He was encircled by 12.

Our Mission

Together, helping youth explore and live out their unique giftedness.

Our Vision

Equipping faith communities and parents to launch a new generation of youth that are confidently and actively pursuing the giftedness God has given them.

Why Encircled

Encircled was developed to address the need for youth to have a sustainable faith. This is possible with guided support of parents and mentors through churches and organizations utilizing the Encircled method. Encircled desires to equip faith communities with a proven method toward long-term faith journeys for youth.

Our process helps your 16-18 year old discover how God has gifted them and allows them to create a vision for their future using those gifts. Encircled brings a team of people, their "Circle", who love and believe in your youth to intentionally walk alongside them as they live out your giftedness.