About Us

Who We Are

“Currently there is a major crisis happening in our faith communities. Youth and young adults are leaving the church. There is now 25% of the population called the “None” Generation in regards to faith.”

Barna Group

Our Mission

Together, helping youth identify, launch, and sustain their individual God-purpose.

Our Vision

Equipping faith communities and parents to launch a new generation of youth that are confident and actively pursuing their God-given purpose

About Encircled

​Encircled was developed to address the need for students to have a sustainable faith. This is possible with guided support of parents and mentors through churches and organizations utilizing the Encircled process. Encircled desires to equip faith communities to help reverse the trend of students leaving the church.

Our process helps your 16-18 year old discover how God has gifted them and allows them to create a vision for their future using those gifts. Encircled brings a team of people, their “Circle”, who love and believe in your student to intentionally walk alongside them as they launch into their God-purpose.