Student Perspective: Pour Into Your Life
Student Perspective: Take the Time to Set You up for What's Ahead

Student Perspective: An Intentional Commitment

Encircled is a method of learning how God can work through you and your gifts. It is completed in three meetings and lasts a lifetime.

The Encircled method empowers you to learn more about how you can live out your unique giftedness. Students work with an Encircled Coach to explore their gifts and map a spiritual path for themselves as they transition to adulthood. Encircled connects students with people in their life that can encourage them— and brings these people together during the third meeting to commit to supporting their long-term journey.

Encircled's three meeting process allows you to Discover Your Gifts, Develop Your Plan, and Encircle Your Life!

What is Giftedness?

Your giftedness is how God has uniquely wired you to impact others, your community, and your world.