Why Encircled?

Check out the video to find out!

What is giftedness?

Giftedness is finding how God has uniquely wired and called you to impact others, your community, and your world.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Discover Your Gifts, Develop Your Plan, and engage your circle to live out your giftedness into adulthood!

Before Meeting 1

Student Take Strengthfinder for Students.

Discover Your Gifts

Strengths & Vision

Steps after Meeting 1

Student Determine some options for Encircle Your Life Meeting 1 month away, Location, etc.

Before Meeting 2

Student Bring dates for Encircle Your Life Meeting and share with Coach

Develop Your Plan

Life Areas

Steps after Meeting 2

Student Student works with Parent to get emails for Circle Members

Before Meeting 3

Encircled Coach Receives final email to Circle from coach and access to the Google Doc (1 week before meeting). Reviews Student Vision Tool, Encircled Connect Google Doc before Encircle Your Life Meeting.

Encircle Your Life

Encircled Connect

Steps after Meeting 3

Student Receive personal Student story and Circle Impact Stories. Stay connected with your circle to live out your giftedness.