Why We Do What We Do!

Our Process is built out of our mission:

“Together, helping youth identify, launch, and sustain their individual God-purpose.”


The first step is for the student, their parents, and their coach to Identify their Strengths & Vision while focusing on their key Life Areas.


The second step is to Connect the student with their circle to Launch the student into their future as they better discover their God-purpose.


The final step is continuing the journey of conversation and relationship to Sustain the student as they transition into adulthood.


The entire process is completed in 3 meetings. Over the course of two months your student will start to discover their God-purpose!


Strengths & Vision

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1st Encircled Group Launch : What is Encircled? Importance of Strengths & Vision.

Coach Breakout:

Step #1 Student, Parent & Coach – What are their gifts and strengths?

Step #2 Student and Coach – Complete Encircled Vision Tool


Life Areas

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2nd Encircled Group Go Deeper: What’s important about a Circle? Who is you circle? How do your Strengths & Vision connect to your Life Areas?

Coach Breakout:

Step #1 Student & Coach – Who is in your Circle? What are your five Life Areas?

Step #2Student & Coach -Schedule dates for the Encircled Connect Meeting.


Encircled Connect

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3rd Encircled Connect Meeting: Bringing it all together.

Step #1 Student, Parent, Coach, & Circle – The student’s chosen “circle” comes together and shares strengths, provide encouragement and support around each Life Area.

Step#2 Student, Parent, Coach, & Circle – At the end of the time the Circle will come around the student to bless them and sustain a circle of support for their future.