The Encircled Team will create a custom training and implementation plan for your faith community.

We are committed to:

  • Engage your leadership team and key decision makers
  • Advise you in your Encircled Coach selection
  • Train your Coaches and provide them with the resources and support they need to launch and sustain the Encircled Program in your faith community

We can offer:

  1. Encircled Onsite Trainings for your faith community
    • Onsite Training: Scheduled once Encircled Contract is signed
    • Encircled Coaching Process provided.
  2. Encircled Coach Training Resources
    • Online Coach Portal: Via secured Online "Coach Corner" protected site
    • Encircled Coach Training Manual: Binder and Online version of Encircled Coach Manual
  3. Encircled Online Resources (Free Resources to public via Website)
    • Parent and Circle of Support: Resources for parents, students and Circle of Support.

What we charge:

Contact us to initiate the conversation and determine the cost involved to implement Encircled in your faith community.

Take a step toward encircling the youth in your faith community.