Today is the day! Tune in for our Virtual Fall FUN-draiser at 7:00 pm cst.

Join us to hear more about how the Encircled mission is continuing to grow and extend its reach. Share in a night to remember with music, impact stories and opportunities to extend Encircled's reach!

Link to the fundraiser and donations is in our bio.
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Time is running out! Our Virtual Fall Fundraiser is just around the corner— this Thursday night at 7:00pm.

Are you registered? Follow the link in our bio or go to to donate and register.

We hope to see you there!
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What are you waiting for?

Encircled’s Fall Fundraiser is just days away— this Thursday, October 22nd at 7:00 pm! Join to celebrate how Encircled has touched lives of students and discover how Encircled plans to extend its reach.

Register or donate at the link in bio, or at!

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Got plans next Thursday? Now you do! Tune in from 7:00 to 7:45 for our Virtual Fall Fundraiser. Join us to hear more about how the Encircled mission is continuing to grow and extend its reach!

You will get to experience:
•professional local singer-songwriters who will share their giftedness 
•students and parents share powerful stories of how Encircled has impacted them.
•Help to spread the reach of Encircled! 

Register for the Encircled Virtual Fall Fundraiser at the link in our bio!

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What does it mean to explore giftedness?

Every student has unique giftedness that God has given them. Part of Encircled’s vision is to empower students to actively and confidently pursue this giftedness.

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Encircled is just getting started here on Instagram. Help us spread the word about the importance of being Encircled by sharing with your own circle!

And to make sharing Encircled even more fun— we’re giving away Encircled t-shirts. We can’t guarantee the size, but we can guarantee you’ll look cool wearing it.

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If you are a winner, expect to get your shirt in 3-4 weeks.

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What does giftedness mean for you and Encircled? Check out our new blog post to read more!

People talk about giftedness in lots of different ways...

Link in bio!

Encircled creates life-lasting change in just three meetings. You will first start discovering your unique giftedness, then define and develop an active circle. Lastly, your circle will come together to speak into you as you go forward to live out your giftedness.

Be Who You Are (And Meant To Be)

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Who do you see in your circle?

Our method helps you to understand the importance of being encircled by mentors, parents, and student peers of your choice.

Why wait? Discover your circle at!

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How can Encircled fit into your life?

Encircled was created to build sustainment within student’s faith and community. As you transition to new places and people, Encircled helps students set themselves on a path to live out their giftedness.

Enroll in Encircled today at!

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Things are looking bright— even with the craziness of life coming at you.

Encircled offers a method for students to create a map for living out their giftedness.

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Giftedness— Encircled knows you have it, and now is your chance to explore it more.

Find out how Encircled is empowering students to live out their gifts at!

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Encircled is always on the look out for resources that support and connect family, community, and service. A great way to live out your giftedness is in community with others.

Coming up next week is @fulleryouthinstitute and @ywmissions “Engaging Families in Service Webinar”.

Date: Tuesday, August 11th at 2:00 pm CST

To learn more or register, visit

The Encircled method knows it’s your future to live out— Encircled is student-driven exploration of gifts and connection with those who you want to support you.

Enroll in Encircled today and see how it can prepare you to live out your giftedness!
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Share to your story to spread the word— Encircled is Exploring Giftedness!

Follow us to find out how Encircled can help you explore the gifts God has given you and develop an active circle of people to sustain your faith.

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Ethan, an Encircled student talks about his experience with intentionality in the Encircled method:

“The intentionality in Encircled really helped me grasp what these people thought of me and helped me understand my purpose and my worth. The people in my circle pointed out ways that they would specifically pour into my life. They were committing to making a change in me that I wanted to happen. Whether it was simply through prayer or going as far as offering to disciple me, they really came around me and made me see my importance and my value.

- Ethan

Join Encircled at! Link in bio.

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Why be Encircled?

Encircled recognizes the uncertainty that can come with looking to your future. At the same time, Encircled recognizes the unique gifts in each person that God has given them.

With Encircled, you will Be Who You Are (And Meant To Be).

Join Encircled at! Link in bio!

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“The transition from teens to twenties is when your intentional circle is most vital” - Ben Bevis

The Encircled method connects you with those in your life who are excited to see where your journey takes you! With Encircled, you will both map your spiritual path and connect with an active circle.

Learn more about how Encircled can last a lifetime at!

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Why Encircled?

Encircled was founded for you as you launch into adulthood and map your spiritual journey. Encircled is a method of learning how God can work through you and your gifts. It is completed in three meetings and lasts a lifetime.

What are you waiting for?

Join Encircled at!

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