Current Parent Information

Over the course of two months, you and your student's coach will support your student in a three meeting method to explore their giftedness.

Before Meeting 1


Enroll student online via Enrollment Form

Support your Student to take Strengthfinder for Students.

Discover Your Gifts

Strengths & Vision

Steps after Meeting 1

Parent Determine some options for Encircled Connect Meeting 1 month away, Location, etc.

Before Meeting 2

Parent Your student will brings dates for Encircled Connect Meeting to share with Coach

Develop Your Plan

Life Areas

Steps after Meeting 2

Parent Work with your student to get emails for Circle Members

Before Meeting 3

Parent Review your student's Strengths, Life Areas, & Vision Tool on the Google doc.

Encircle Your Life

Encircled Connect

Steps after Meeting 3

Parent Receive Student and Circle Impact Stories and email Encircled Connect Picture to